Ditokan Teintangs Karate-Do

 - official site of the karate-style developed by Shihan Frans Teintang, 7th Dan

Linköping, Sweden (  - "Mother dojo" and home to Shihan Frans Teintang, 7 Dan.

Linköping was the first Dojo within Ditokan Karate, and is also home to Ditokans founder, Shihan Frans Teintang.

Hultsfred, Sweden ( - Responsible  instructor Magnus Sjöberg, 5 Dan.

The dojo started training 1990 but was formally formed 1991, at that time it was located in Silverdalen. In 1999 the training was moved to Hultsfred.

Aneby, Sweden ( - Responsible instructor John Förde, 1 Dan.

The dojo was formed in 2004.

Vimmerby, Sweden - Responsible instructor Enes Somic, 2 Dan.

The dojo was formed in 2016.

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