Ditokan Teintangs Karate-Do

 - official site of the karate-style developed by Shihan Frans Teintang, 7th Dan

Ditokan Karate is closest related to JKA Shotokan. Ditokan was founded by Shihan Frans Teintang who was training Shotokan karate for many years. Shihan travelled near and far in Indonesia to train with the leading masters of karate in Indonesia at that time.

Shihan showed good character and outstanding technique, which led to him being selected to the Indonesian national team, which represented Indonesia in the first Asia Pacifici Karate Championship in Singapore in the 70's. Shihan was one of the best in kumite in Indonesia and got a personal invitation by the Japanese delegation to come to Japan in order to lead training there.

Shihan declined the offer however and started to find his own way in karate. Shihan was only one of the pioneer's that formed LEMKARI (Lembaga Karate-Do Republik Indonesia), a national association with the purpose of uniting the Shotokan-styles in Indonesia. Unfortunately there were different opinions within Shotokan (which there still are, also in other parts of the world) and today there are four larger assocations with different directions in Shotokan in Indonesia. The four are LEMKARI, INKADO (Indonesia Karate-Do), INKAI (Insititut Karate Indonesia) and INKANAS (Institut Karate-Do Nasional).

With the purpose of preserving Gichin Funakoshi's basic thoughts of karate, Shihan created Ditokan Karate with focus that karate is a way to unite body and mind, a way to harmonu. Shihan has a motto, "technique conquers over strength". With that he means that one should not waste energy and be sound in mind of how to solve problems, both in training and in everyday life.

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